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Creative Writing: An Assignment for Any Grade Level: Lesson and Writing Sample from Students

Tom Russoniello, New Jersey,  understands that students are inspired to write when using the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race® as the tool for learning.  Using a lesson created by Kathy Kent, New Jersey, and housed on our website, Mr. Russoniello’s…

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North Carolina Students Hold Idita-Race

Meet Cindy Wilson’s students!
Cindy’s brother made them a wheeled sled for their Idita Race.
Each year, hundreds of schools around the world hold their own Iditarod  in parks, on school grounds, along beaches, or even in backyards.  After studying…

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Pick a Math Standard: Design a Lesson

View a PDF documents showing how Alaska educator, Deanna Blazejewski, Special Education Teacher from Mount Iliamna Elementary is creating math lessons for students.
Click here!

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Idita-Read- California Style

Every year we hold an Idita Read.  Our budget runs between $450 and $500.  The following is a summary of the 2009 Idita Read:
We went to a company called and ordered these cool dog tags as reading incentives…

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Texas Classroom: Idita Style

View a slide show for a glimpse at Sandy Pedersen’s 4th grade classroom in Texas.

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Maps for the Classroom Wall

  Thank you, Sara Grant, Canada for sharing your classroom map idea with us!  Let the race begin!

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