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Build a Better Sled!

Each year, students and teachers around the world take the challenge of building their own dog sleds.

Some dog sleds are life size.  Some are miniature.  Some sleds are used in classroom simulated Iditarod races, (often called I Kid A Rods) and often pulled by other students as part of the race simulation.

Some of the sleds are  used for projects or classroom displays.

No matter the size or the reason for the sled, each sled design is amazing and represents research, science, and math skills.

3Recently, at the Iditarod Teacher Conference in Michigan, one of the teachers, Helynn, shared the sled that she made using Legos.

We’re putting the challenge out there to create sleds this year and enter in our Build a Better Sled project!   Send us your images of sleds your students or you design and we’ll share the images on our website!   Send an email and attach your  images by clicking here!

View images Helynn sent us and watch for other images to be added to the slide show as we receive images this year!

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