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Iditarod Scavenger Hunt



Jane Blaile and Students

Use Iditarod’s website as a research tool to find the answers!

“Learn About, Iditarod History”

1.      When was the first Iditarod race run?

2.      Who is known as the “Mother of the Iditarod?”  and why?

3.      What was the Iditarod Trail used for on a day to day basis in the early 1900s and until as late as the 1930s?

4.      Why was the Iditarod race started? What event does it commemorate?

“Learn About, Iditarod Traditions”

5.      What is the Red Lantern Award?  Why is it called that and to who is it awarded?

“Learn About, Iditarod Legends”

6.      Who is the “Father of the Iditarod?”  Why is he called that?

“Learn About, Champions and Record Holders”

7.      Who is the only five time winner of the Iditarod?  In what years did he win?

8.      Who was the first woman to finish the Iditarod? Who was the first woman to win the Iditarod?

9.      What is the all-time speed record for completing the Iditarod?

“Learn About, Iditarod Trivia and Facts”

10.  What does the word “Iditarod” mean?  What language is it?

11.  When was the closest finish?  Who were the mushers?  How far apart were they?  What were their times?

12.  Who were the oldest and youngest mushers to race the Iditarod?

“2011 Iditarod, Musher Listing”

13.   How many total mushers are signed up for the 2011 Iditarod?

14.  How many rookies are signed up for the 2011 race?  Veterans?

“Learn About, Mushing Terminology”

15.  What does “Gee!” mean?

16.  What is a dropped dog?

17.  What is pedaling?

“2011 Iditarod, Iditarod Rules”

18.  What is the fewest number of dogs that a team can run with?  What is the maximum number of dogs allowed on a team at the start?

19.  Why a musher can be disqualified from the race?

20.  What is the musher required to do in the event that an edible big game animal, i.e., moose, buffalo, caribou, is killed in defense of life or property, according to the Official Rules?

21.  What are 3 mandatory items mushers carry?

22.  What do you still want to know?

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