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Language Arts: Identifying Subject and Predicate the Idita-Way

Iditarod is a tool to practice skills students need to know.  The following is an example that can be printed off and used as a pre/post test for skills, as daily practice, or any way a teacher needs to use the sentences.  Please note, a worksheet and answer key is provided at the link below the sentences.   (Edited/Updated, by Martha Dobson)

Subject and Predicate Practice

Divide each sentence into 2 parts, the subject and the predicate.  Underline the simple subject once and the simple predicate twice.  If the sentence is an imperative, put (you) behind the sentence to show that the subject is: you understood.    Example:

My dog team/races in the Iditarod.

1.      The Iditarod begins on the first Saturday in March each year.

2.      Hook your dogs to the sled.

3.      The dogs will race from Anchorage to Nome.

4.      The mushers stop at checkpoints to feed and rest the team.

5.      Each musher plans for the race.

6.      Lead dogs help the team to do the best it can do.

7.      A musher puts booties on the feet of the dogs to protect the feet.

8.      A musher trains dogs throughout the entire year.

9.       The musher’s kennel is a busy place.

10.    Join the fun of dog sledding by learning about this sport.

11.    Read the book, Woodsong, by Gary Paulsen.

12.    Follow the race in March.

13.    Mushing is an interesting sport.

14.    Who will win the Iditarod this year?

15.     The first musher and team to Nome will claim first place.

Click here to download and print out the worksheet.

Click here to download and print the answer key.

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