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Curriculum for Classrooms

Iditarod Activity Book 2: Contains standards driven curriculum lessons in math, science, language arts, social studies, and other areas of study.
Iditarod Activity Book 3:  Contains Standards driven curriculum lessons in all content areas, applicable to most grade levels.

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Julia Walker, Teacher

Julia Walker
By Martha Dobson, Iditarod Educational Consultant
Julie, as she introduced herself to me last March during my time in Anvik for the Iditarod, was the teacher-principal for the Blackwell School in Anvik. Julie and I had time to…

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Iditarod Beginnings, or How Teachers Start Using Iditarod as a Teaching Tool

Rarin' to go in Nikolai!
By Martha Dobson, Iditarod Educational Consultant
Teachers rejuvenate themselves and their classroom teaching by trying different ideas, activities, and different techniques to catch their students’ interest and boost learning. The Iditarod is one of those…

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