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A musher is someone who drives a dog sled.

To drive a sled, a musher needs to have leaders on the team.

Leaders are the dogs who are in front of the team.  They are the dogs that listen to the musher, are trained to know what to do, and are able to work with all the other dogs on the team.

There are ‘human’ leaders, too.  These lead our school, our classroom, our family, our city, our state, and our country.

What do you think it takes to be a good leader?

Are you a good leader?

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  1. A good leader needs to cheer others on. They need to be brave: even though they may be scared they have to do it. They have to take care of others. They must be trustworthy, set good examples, kind, be a good sport, knowledgeable, not bossy, and honest.

    Do you like watching the race? How do you manage to write? Do the sled dogs love you?
    Mrs. Bari’s class

    Hi Mrs. Bari’s class, We love watching the race and writing about it. We use our paws and noses and use special keyboards. We are all friends with many of the sled dogs. Gypsy

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